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I am Fidele St-Amand, the Owner and Operator of Forensic & Private Investigation (St-Amand) Agency, based in Beresford, New Brunswick, Canada. Our agency is licensed (#0559694) by the Province of New Brunswick to provide comprehensive private investigation and security services.

With a distinguished career spanning over twenty-five years, from 1979 to 2004, I served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). During my tenure, I amassed extensive experience as an investigator, specializing in various Federal Statutes such as General Investigations, Drugs, Customs & Excise, Immigration, Income Tax Fraud, and Small Vessel Regulations, primarily in the Province of Ontario, including Ottawa, North Bay, and Cornwall.

In the latter part of my career, spanning fourteen years, I transitioned to a specialized role as a Forensic Specialist within the RCMP. In this capacity, I conducted meticulous crime scene examinations and evidence collection, encompassing fingerprints, footprints, hair and fiber analysis, tool marks, bloodstain pattern analysis, and more. Furthermore, I led investigations into accidental deaths and industrial incidents, particularly within the mining sector.

Upon retiring from the RCMP in November 2004, I embarked on establishing my own venture: Forensic & Private Investigation (St-Amand) Agency. Presently, our agency comprises two licensed professional investigators who collaborate closely to deliver exceptional services.

As the demand for Drug and Alcohol testing continues to rise as a prerequisite in the workplace, our agency is poised for growth to meet this increased demand. We are committed to expanding our services to cater to the evolving needs of our clients in this domain.

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Fidele St-Amand, CFEI, FIS/E
Forensic & Private Investigator
Forensic & Private Investigation (St-Amand) Agency
995 John Cormier, Beresford, N.B. E8K 1W3

Tel: (506) 783-8662
Cell: (506) 545-8665
Email: fidelestamandfpi@gmail.com

CFEI: Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
FIS/E: Forensic Identification Specialist/Expert

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