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I’m Fidele St-Amand, Owner/operator of Forensic & Private Investigation (St-Amand) Agency, located in Beresford (next to Bathurst), New Brunswick, Canada. This Agency is licenced (#0559694) with the Province of New Brunswick to do Private Investigations and Security Services.

I have served twenty-five years (1979 to 2004) with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). I did my first 11 years in the RCMP as an investigator in all Federal Statutes (General Investigation, Drugs, Customs & Excise, Immigration, Income Tax Fraud, Small vessel Regulations, to name a few Federal Regulations) in the Province of Ontario (Ottawa, North Bay and Cornwall).

The last fourteen years, I joined a specialized unit and worked as a Forensic Specialist. A Forensic specialist in the RCMP does crime scene examination, collecting evidence such as: fingerprints, footprints, hair and fibre, tool marks, blood, etc… found at crime scenes. Then, to compare that evidence recovered against known criminals. I also have been involved and investigated a number of accidental death or accident in the mining business as well as in the industrial field.

I retired from the RCMP in November 2004 and just before retiring, I started my own business: Forensic & Private Investigation (St-Amand) Agency.

I have two (2) licensed professional investigators in my Agency at this point and they assist me within my company. With more demand for Drug and Alcohol testing that is becoming a very popular as a pre-requisite in the work place and have become great in demand, my agency will most likely be growing accordingly to provide adequate services in that field.